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Pro advice on getting the job of your dreams

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General, by Rebecca Greig

Phil Roberts a retoucher at Taylor James gives his advice to anyone wanting a career in the creative industry


Headshot Taylor James

Phil Roberts advises that you must keep practising your skills in order to land your dream job.

“Here at Taylor James we work on a wide variety of creative concepts. Solving these briefs creatively takes someone with a great aptitude for observing the world around them and the technical ability to bring together many elements to create an image. So, practise, practise, practise are my three main tips to success! There are great resources out there now – YouTube,, Digital Tutors – that give you the opportunity to learn at home or in your own time. There are also many websites for sharing creative artwork to gain experience and get creative criticism. We like seeing portfolios with a wide variety of work, be it multi-part comps, matte paintings, creative portraits and so on, because it shows the applicant isn’t a one-trick pony, and are able to adapt to a wide variety of technical challenges.

“I would say that at the moment there is a small gap between what is taught at universities and what happens in a real studio, which can easily be filled if the artist in question is willing to put in the extra work. We offer internships for people willing to learn and further themselves in their chosen path, which from my own experience was a huge eye-opener to the quality expected even at the junior level.

“There’s no one way I could say is the definitive route, as many of us have either risen through the ranks (some through internships) or simply joined at a particular level from another company or freelancing.

“We like to be very organised in our file structure, which maximises effectiveness when multiple people are working on the same job. We invest a lot of training in this area, and it’s always nice to see organised files from applicants that are well structured, non-destructive and easy to follow.”