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Play the Photoshop Face-Off game

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General, by Julie Bassett

Pick your favourite Photoshop artwork from two images randomly selected from the Advanced Photoshop gallery website

If you haven’t tried it yet, then take some time to play the Photoshop Face-Off game, which you can find using the tabs at the top of the page on the Advanced Photoshop website.

The premise is simple. We ramdomly select two images from the thousands on our gallery website and ask you to pick your favourite. Simply click on the one that you like best, or select Draw if you just can’t choose.

The stats for the game are displayed on each individual image on our gallery, so you can easily see which images are favoured by visitors. If you have images on the gallery, then this is a great way to get public feedback on the popularity of your images.

It’s also an easy way to view some of the amazing artworks on our website – there are so many that’s it’s hard to see them all! Using Photoshop Face-Off you can get a random selection of images, which you might not otherwise come across.

It’s a great way to lose five minutes – but be warned, it’s addictive! Give it a go and see if you find any of your own images as you play.

Play the Photoshop Face-Off game

  • I have tried to use one of my own images as I play along with Photoshop Face-Off game. It is truly addictive.

  • I am so addicted to this right now!