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Photoshop CC now available as a single desktop application

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Adobe announces new version for Creative Cloud for Teams

Photoshop CC now available as a single desktop application


Great news for those subscribing to a Creative Cloud for Teams membership. Now you can purchase single desktop applications, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and InDesign CC!

Adobe has  announced today this new version of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), which offers two team plans for Creative Cloud.

These still include the complete option that delivers 14 Adobe desktop applications and sophisticated, cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities.

The new single app plan, however, includes access to one desktop application along with 20GB of storage and the ability to showcase work on Behance, the world’s leading creative community.

The new single app plan for teams delivers many of the benefits of full Creative Cloud for teams membership.

Customers will receive updates to their favourite desktop CC application as new features become available.

Creatives can share files with colleagues, whether inside or outside the organisation, and cloud-based storage of 20GB can be used to view, edit, store and share a larger set of files across the team.

Designers can also publish a customised online portfolio with Behance ProSite, and solicit feedback from the worldwide creative community. Over 1.6 million creatives globally are part of the Behance network.

Membership Plans and Availability

The new single app plan for Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams is available for a suggested retail price of £22.23 per user per month.

Existing customers with CS3 or later are eligible for single app membership at a suggested retail price of £14.29 per user per month.

Customers can pre-order beginning today, with product availability expected 15 August 2013, worldwide.

The complete plan is also available directly from For more information visit