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Performance boost for new Photoshop CC with AMD graphics cards

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AMD A-Series APU, Radeon and FirePro graphics work seamlessly with new versions of Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is packed with dozens of new open hardware accelerated features.

Those added to the list include the all-new Smart Sharpen filter and enhanced Blur Gallery.

These have prompted Adobe and AMD to provide high-quality, impressive performance to creative professionals everywhere.

AMD compute and graphics processing leadership through cross-platform open standards like OpenCL and OpenGL.

Neal Robison, senior director, Software Alliances at AMD puts this in layman’s terms, saying: “AMD and Adobe are working together to help provide powerful solutions that enable creative professionals to speed workflows and increase throughput, boost productivity and creativity, and fully realise their creative vision.”

Here’s a rundown of exactly how AMD products will improve your workflow:

•    Adobe’s all-new Smart Sharpen filter leverages OpenCL and AMD graphics technology to sharpen images faster while minimising halo effects on distinct edges and providing precise noise reduction control.

•    The enhanced Blur Gallery harnesses the power of OpenCL and AMD graphics technology to deliver mouse-down previews quickly, accurately and with high on-screen resolution of up to a million pixels.

•   High-quality, instant on-screen and in-context feedback allows artists to work more efficiently without unnecessary disruptions to the creative workflow.

•   Non-destructive, hardware-accelerated Blur Gallery effects are applied as Smart Objects, creating a desired look for images and even video within Photoshop CC.

•    Performance enhancements have also been made to the Liquify effect, so that creative professionals can now push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker, or bloat selected image areas.

•   Achieve unique artistic effects with greater speed while working with even the largest images.

Click here for more information about AMD and Adobe performance.

Performance boost for new Photoshop CC with AMD graphics cards

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