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Packard Bell Liberty Tab review

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General, by Julie Bassett

Check out our review of the Packard Bell Liberty Tab – an impressive Android tablet solution

The Liberty Tab from Packard Bell is an extremely competent machine and acts as a great alternative to the iPad – that is if you would rather not follow blindly into tablet ownership. It has a 10.1-inch screen, which is more than ample and offers HD resolution – making it more advantageous than a number of other tablet-based competitors on the market. It feels slim and sleek, but unfortunately still doesn’t come close to the feel of the iPad 2. The rest of its specs make up for this in spades; it’s a pleasure to use.

Packard Bell Liberty Tab review

Perhaps the biggest boon, depending on preference, is the operating system. While Android doesn’t have an undivided environment experience that you expect with iOS for iPad, it does has a considerably more open attitude toward the customisation of your desktop and interface. Also the micro SD card and standard HDMI out port provide the opportunity for expansion; you needn’t live or die by a built-in 16GB that is standard with similar competitor tablet models. In terms of performance the Liberty Tab certainly feels responsive, agile and very quick. That’s largely down to the NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual Core chip that runs the show. There are, of course, limitations like with any other portable computer device.

With lots of open apps and graphics processing going on, you’ll notice that your application times will begin to slow – be a bit more careful as to what you use and when you use it, and you’ll not run into any major problems. Android on this tablet does have Adobe Flash 10.2 support but those sites relying on it heavily will affect your machine, as it starts to lag and will also have a telling effect on battery life; more so than normal sites, so be wary when surfing.

The same goes for watching movies. While they look stunning on the HD screen, they hammer the lithium-ion battery and will reduce the useable run-time of the device. In a studio environment the Liberty Tab is more suitable as a presentation or portfolio device, and with the right apps could even help you do editing on the fly, help you take notes, even plan your time and keep you connected when you’re out of the office.

All in all this is a capable tablet and a great deal of fun. If you love Android, like a little freedom in your computing, and feel the need for a tablet format, then this is a really good purchase. It’s not the cheapest on the market but it does have a lot going for it.