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New media design with Photoshop

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Use Photoshop to build engaging user experiences and discover courses to improve your new media skills

New media design with Photoshop

New media is one of those terms that covers a whole multitude of applications and has differing definitions depending on what you’re reading. Its meaning is as changeable and adaptable as the technology that it describes.

New media in its simplest terms, is related to the internet and the way that sound, graphics and motion interplay and converge with each other to provide a rich user experience. Of course, it isn’t just the internet anymore new media includes apps, social games, installation projects, interfaces and much more.

Photoshop forms an essential part of the new media workflow, providing tools and technologies you need to create a wide range of new media designs. Photoshop has a tool for pretty much every part of the process.

Photoshop has broken away from its original function of an image editor and now offers tools that enhance a new media workflow. Its ability to create textures for 3D files, design effective UIs and website assests, compile animations and build wireframes for mobile devices expand its potential. It’s an essential part of the pipeline and its integration with popular software programs is seamless.

Photoshop courses for new media designers

If you want to build your new media skills in Photoshop, then here are a few of the best online courses available:

Responsive media – Lynda

Membership is from £12.95 per month

If you want to create layouts and designs that will work across multiple devices, then this beginner-level course will help. Learn how to prepare images, fonts and videos for any output device.

Animating concept storyboards using Photoshop and After Effects – Digital tutors

Membership is $29 per month

Learn how to turn graphics into animations with this course. It will help you to make the most of Adobe CCs After Effects package in conjunction with your Photoshop designs. You will learn to create concept storyboards that are simply animated.

Video editing basics – Adobe


Adobe offers a range of free tutorials on using all the features in Photoshop that you might not have delved into yet. This can be a good place to start if you want to understand what is possible before trying other software.