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New HP Z1 all-in-one and HP Z820

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General, by Adam Smith

See how these solutions will help improve your workflow

Ageing hardware and software can really affect a digital designer’s productivity. It will certainly deny you access to many of the applications in Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which now require 64-bit operating systems to run.

But HP’s latest workstations are offering a viable solution, fully supporting high-performance editing software, fast render times, instant playback and multiple streams of content.

And you don’t just have to take our word for it. Both the HP Z1 all-in-one workstation and HP Z820 have been great for business at broadcast post-production company My Little Eye. Founder Jon Walton came to use these solutions by speaking to Adobe about its Creative Suite software.

Adobe’s advice was that he could still run its software on the Mac Pro, but performance would be comprised. To overcome this, they suggested HP Workstations. “At this end of the market, you need 30GB of RAM to get through the work,” Walton explains. “In the three months I’ve been using the HP machines, I’ve increased productivity. It’s saving me an hour a day during busy production days – and that makes life a lot less stressful.”

The studio now uses two HP Z820s, each configured with dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 processors, a 256GB primary SSD with three 300GB SAS drives configured with RAID 5, 64GB RAM and a NVIDIA Quadro 6000 graphics card.

But if the HP Z820 is Walton’s new workhorse, the HP Z1 has proved to be the biggest revelation. “It has the performance and the mobility; I can use it in the edit suite or take it with me,” says Walton. “I can edit while the production team is filming and show live feedback of shots. The director appreciates it, the camera operators appreciate it and it generally helps us work better as team.”

Take a closer look at the power included in these two machines:

HP Z820

Intel Dual Xeon E5-2680 processors
256GB primary SSD
3 x 300GB SAS drives – RAID 5
NVIDIA Quadro 6000 Graphics
Adobe Software

New HP Z1 all-in-one and HP Z820

HP Z1 all-in-one workstation

Intel Xeon E3-1245 processor
NVIDIA Quadro 4000M graphics

New HP Z1 all-in-one and HP Z820


  • I honestly feel this gives the iMac a run for its money….