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More from Fotolia’s TEN Collection Season 2

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TEN by Fotolia

More from Fotolia's TEN Collection Season 2

TEN Collection Season 2 unveils its newest artwork, from renowned digital artist Adhemas Batista.

Adhemas Batista’s work is awash with shimmering colours and rythmic vibrations of Brazil.

Art Director, illustrator and designer all-in-one, this Brazilian artist actually prefers to define himself as a seller of colours.

“This invitation to enter the TEN project allowed me to promote the colours of my country on the international creative scene. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Brazilian culture,” he explains.

In his artwork, typography, illustration and images interact in a merry and harmonious ensemble. His graphic print has helped to inspire a lot of graphic designers.

“Looking for images on Fotolia, I found the photo of a girl, floating and posing like an ‘X’,” he reveals. “She couldn’t have been more perfect, the X being the Roman figure for 10. Tthe girl’s position suggests a graphic explosion behind her.”

Batista inserted manga and comics references and mixed them all together. This allowed him to create planar shapes, with volume and light.

“This work is a chaotic graphic explosion evoking the urban and youth culture – a kind of energetic rebellion, with bright colours and complex shapes”, he adds.

Two videos, subtitled in 12 languages, were shot in the artist’s environment. The video featuring his world can be seen on the TEN Collection Facebook pages and on YouTube. Here’s a link!

The other video, revealing his creative techniques, will be available on D-Day, March 8th. To see this log onto and