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Massive Black Volume Two review

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General, by Adam Smith

A behind-the-scenes treat revealing the creative genius summoned through chaos at Massive Black, California

Anyone familiar with Massive Black will know that this studio likes to do things differently.

When Massive Black Volume One was unleashed four years ago, a jet-black cover with a high-gloss, black-on-black logo stood out from Ballistic Publishing’s other titles like a sore thumb.

This is a studio operating in a league of its own.

Massive Black Volume Two review

It’s therefore no surprise that Volume Two challenges expectations once again with an all-white cover, binding together some of the most stunning concept art you’ll see this year.

Contributors to the volume – Justin ‘Coro’ Kaufmann, Kemp Remillard, Jason Chan, Wes Burt, Bruno ‘Nox’ Gore – are all considered the elite.

Massive Black was forged by artists and continues to be run by them. The crew works together in the trenches, sharing, critiquing, taunting, problem-solving and coming out of it all with an incredible body of art that’s revealed across Volume Two’s 208 full-colour pages.

Game projects include Starhawk, InFAMOUS and InFAMOUS 2, Red Faction: Armageddon, Risen 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and more. While Transformers 2 and 3, G.I. Joe, Thor and Battleship tick the movie boxes. This is a studio that has its fingers in many pies, not to mention many of its own intellectual properties that are also featured in this book.

Massive Black Volume Two is a journey. The scope of the art within will beg you to ask how so few artists can create so much content. Let this be your driving force. After all, these are the artists we want to be. A helpful reminder of our dreams is never a bad thing.

Massive Black Volume Two review