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MARI 2.0 released

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General, by Adam Smith

Latest digital paint software from leading visual effects and computer graphics software developer, The Foundry

MARI 2.0 is the latest revolutionary version from leading visual effects and computer graphics software developer, The Foundry.

MARI 2.0 provides 3D digital painting at its very best. Version 2.0 introduces a brand new, artist-focused layer system.

Staying true to MARI’s roots this major release is focused on enhancing the painting experience for 3D artists.

MARI 2.0 released

The addition of the new layer system means MARI is easier to use than ever before and will be a familiar working environment for users of Adobe Photoshop.

The layer system has all the features artists expect from the most advanced layer based workflows available today and much more.

The streamlined Layer View in MARI 2.0 introduces powerful grouping, tagging and filtering options making even highly complex stacks easy to navigate and control.

Jens Kafitz, Senior Texture Artist at Weta Digital comments: “The new layer system in MARI 2.0 enhances the way you can work with masks and adjustment layers and is consistent with what you would find with Photoshop. There is also good compatibility between the two applications making the back and forth easier. A new projection mask system and new caching features to help manage the data on complex assets are also great additions to the new version of MARI.”

MARI 2.0 released

Going beyond the functionality of any existing software on the market, every layer has its own Mask Group. Every mask is effectively a full layer stack in its own right, allowing artists to use blending, groups, adjustments and procedurals in all their masks.

Jack Greasley, MARI Product Manager at The Foundry tells us: “We have spent a long time working on the nuts and bolts of this layer system for MARI and we believe 2.0 surpasses anything else on the market today. We wanted to really push the limits and give artists a working environment that feels both familiar and revolutionary at the same time.”

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