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Interview with pro artist Adhemas Batista

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

The multi-talented graphic artist from Brazil dishes out some of his best advice for Photoshop artists

Having worked with ‘colours’, as he says, since the age of 15, Adhemas Batista has certainly had plenty of time to pick up an enviable list of clients. He is probably best known for his work with Havaianas, but other notable names like Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Absolut Vodka have been drawn to his uniquely colourful stylings.

Interview with pro artist Adhemas Batista

Artist: Adhemas Batista /

AP: What’s it like going solo?

Adhemas Batista: Working for myself has some advantages, as I get to drive the attention to the type of work I like to do, which makes my life easier. Although I am always grateful for all the work I made for Havaianas, and for all the freedom and my role in the whole project.

AP: Describe a memorable project you’ve worked on?

Adhemas Batista: I was invited to create ideas for an interactive toy for a big company, and was very glad to be part of it; it was be a big and interesting challenge, since I got to explore a new field and conceptualise something that one day, who knows, children around the world will be playing with.

Interview with pro artist Adhemas Batista

AP: Where does Photoshop come into the equation?

Adhemas Batista: I mostly use two software packages: Illustrator and Photoshop. I do many projects working with Photoshop, but usually I start working in Illustrator and then move to Photoshop to give my images the final touches. Also, I’ve been exploring a lot of photography, and photomanipulation is one of my passions. Now I get to manipulate my own photos.

Interview with pro artist Adhemas Batista

AP: What would be your advice for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

Adhemas Batista: Graduate! Being self-taught is a tough path. University can give you orientation to start and it’s definitely a shortcut to find your own path. I had to experiment with many different things to finally find my passion, which was good for me, but I definitely believe it would be easier if I had orientation.

Interview with pro artist Adhemas Batista

AP: What would be your dream commission?

Adhemas Batista: I’d love to get my own style on some clothes, fashion products and toys. That would be something big, but I never stop dreaming and I always work hard to achieve my goals.