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Interview with creative studio Viaframe

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We talk to German studio Viaframe about creating emotive images that convey both a fashion line and a season

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AP: Can you tell us about Viaframe? What does the studio do?

Viaframe: Viaframe is a creative photography, CGI and post-production studio located in Nuremberg, Germany. We predominantly work for advertising agencies but also develop concepts and campaigns for our clients directly. These campaigns capitalise on our well-rounded knowledge in almost every aspect necessary for conceptualising and realising a successful production.

The fact that the entire production cycle is integrated within Viaframe allows us to give our customers insight on the ongoing design process on a regular basis. This transparency during the collaboration with the customer and the pinpoint adjustment on their ideas guarantees quality in the results.

Interview with creative studio Viaframe

AP: How did you obtain this commission and what ideas were discussed?

Viaframe: Actually the autumn campaign was our third campaign for the Swiss fashion store Charles Vögele. We had completed two successful collaborations before. One was the spring campaign 2011 and we also had the pleasure to produce the winter campaign in the same year.

Depending on the client we usually offer about three to five concepts with moodboards and first layouts. The final decision made depends a lot on the target group. In this case the goal was to reach the core clientele of customers aged 40 and over.

AP: How did you go about achieving that objective?

Viaframe: We developed a total of five motifs for the autumn advertising campaign: animals in leaves, clouds and rain shapes that are placed into autumn landscapes. The motifs we created were used in different formats at the Point of Sale of over 850 stores located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, and Hungary, as well as the Czech Republic and Poland.

Interview with creative studio Viaframe

AP: How did your ideas evolve throughout the production stage?

Viaframe: The campaign motifs were partly realized with photographs and then completed computer generated images. With Viaframe’s workflow we plan as much as possible in the preproduction process. We spend a lot of time in creating concepts with our customers and try to focus on approved layouts.

We organize our Photoshop files as open as we can to offer the possibility to enhance our work using additional elements during the production stage. Smart objects are a helpful feature to keep the files clear.

AP: How did you go about creating the layout and the look, and then develop that into a finished state?

Viaframe: After the approval through the client we started experimenting with different techniques in our 3D Software and Photoshop. In this case we chose a mixture between both solutions. Using moodboards helps a lot to communicate the desired look to the client.

Interview with creative studio Viaframe

AP: The fish image in particular is very striking. How did you go about creating it? What Photoshop tools were used?

Viaframe: The fish was created using photographed water splashes. The biggest challenge was to find a natural shape that illustrated the fish without looking too detailed. The splashlayer was combined with the background using the Screen blending mode. Additional sprinkles and drops were added afterwards to integrate the animal even more into the background.

AP: What Photoshop tools proved pivotal in the creation of this piece? In what way were they helpful?

Viaframe: We worked a lot with the Liquify tool to connect the single splashes or clouds to shape the fish, the rabbit and the eagle. The Puppet Warp is also a nice tool to work with in this context. For two other images in the series we used external 3D Software to generate particle clouds and formed the animals in 3D space.

About Viaframe

Viaframe is a creative studio located in Nuremberg, Germany, with services ranging from planning and concept development right through to compositing and post-production. Whether it’s CGI, photography or photo processing, Viaframe has you covered. The company’s clients include Ferrari, Siemens and Olympus among others, with projects that range from stylish reinterpretations of fairy tales to imaginative 3D experiments with shape.