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Interview with Adrien Donot

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General, by Adam Smith

Adrien Donot reveals how he uses social platforms to promote his style to fans and potential art buyers

How have you successfully presented your portfolio to a global audience?

My portfolio consists of my website and an iBook downloadable from iTunes, Pulssart. I have been sharing my work for five years at and as a result, I now have a website through this social platform too. Whether I upload to this site or to my personal one, both update simultaneously, which means that I can focus on building my portfolio and waste less time worrying about its functionality.

Has this boundless online promotion helped sell your work?

Today, thanks to my friend Thomas Gayet over at, I sell my creations to my followers via a range of media. These include PVC, acrylic, fabric, art paper and even aluminium. My designs have also been used for iPhone and iPad cases, which is awesome. My work lends itself to many different formats, as I don’t work for an advertising agency. I am free to create and I find that very important. I’m not a graphic designer, but a digital artist.

Interview with Adrien Donot

How do the funds from your print and iBook sales help invest more time in evolving your portfolio?

They allow me to share my passion for art and design, enriching my Behance website by using better equipment. This subsequently improves my production. I’ve invested in a graphics tablet, an external hard drive, a better computer and a printer. It’s thanks to customers that I can continue to produce new creations for them.

Is there any difference in style between your commercial and personal artworks?

My personal and professional work shares the same style. Clients generally contact me to buy a design that already exists, not to create a new visual. In the rare instance that I am commissioned, I’m normally asked to just do what I do. If the specifics become complicated then I simply refuse the work. This is because it’s important for me to feel freely inspired and creative.

Interview with Adrien Donot

Mixed-media textures are littered throughout your artwork. What do these bring to your style?

I often apply textures that exist in the main photo. Why fetch a texture from another picture when we already have perfectly good ones in front of us? This provides consistency within a design and ensures I don’t depart from the original message. I then work with simple geometric elements such as triangles and circles to enhance the aesthetics. Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most effective.

Has Photoshop inspired you much?

Photoshop is great tool, but it is just a tool all the same. Knowing how to use the software is essential, but without inspiration it’s useless. Photoshop is composed of various tools and options. What makes it so special is the combination of all these and the infinite amount of effects made possible by them. Without this software I would never have built my portfolio. Photoshop adapted with the digital artists who are using it. Today it’s the best tool, able to help the artists of tomorrow.

Interview with Adrien Donot


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