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How I Made: Typography Manufacturing

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Omar Aqil reveals his techniques for enhancing 3D typography using Photoshop effects

Typo manufaturing

After over six years of working in the advertising industry, freelance designer Omar Aqil considers typography to be his favourite genre to create. To realise this mechanical design, he experimented using 3D techniques in CINEMA 4D combined with typography and Photoshop to form something abstract that would also have a hyper-realistic feel. “The difficult part about creating this image was to build up the composition as a whole and produce the soft colours I wanted, and I knew that Photoshop was the only software that could fulfill my needs,” he says. “In today’s modern world, we are surrounded by machines, buildings and a lot of other variations in materials. I feel I am attracted to metals and mechanical tools and tend to use them in my concepts and designs, but I aim to give them a softness and an elegance too.”

How I Made: Typography ManufacturingPreparing the image I initially rendered this image in CINEMA 4D, then opened it in Photoshop for final treatment.
I wanted it to have soft colours and a smooth feel. I used the Unsharp Mask to increase the crispness.

Balancing colours I then added a Color Balance adjustment, where I usually adjust the colourHow I Made: Typography Manufacturing temperature according to the feel of the image. In this piece I just added some blues for coolness and softness.

How I Made: Typography Manufacturing


Using light and final plug-ins Next, I added a dramatic feel to the image by using Image> Adjustment> Hue/Saturation and increased the Lightness for a smooth feel. I also used Photoshop plug-in Magic Bullet to add more of a soft effect.