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How I Made: Sounds Of Nature

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General, by Rebecca Greig

We talk to Thiago Storino about how he creates dynamic lighting, mood and texture in this image

How I Made: Sounds Of NatureThiago Storino regularly works on post-production for photomanipulation, retouching and illustrative images. He believes that everything around him serves as an influence to create great imagery and this project was no different, as he explains: “I’m always listening to music and admire great guitarists. One day I dreamt of a guitar rising from the ground, [so] the next day I took my sketchbook and drew my idea.” Storino believes that you need to have a good reference point before starting any image. “I’m always following studios and artists that I admire, being surrounded by beautiful work is fundamental to feed creativity and stay inspired,” he continues.

In order to create this image, Storino used many classic Photoshop options such as “the Path tool to cut out the pictures, with a Feather of 0.5 to leave the selection smoother. Then, with the Unsharp Mask, I balanced the sharpness of each photo [and] used Hue/Saturation, Curves and Color Balance adjustments for tones and intensity.”

How I Made: Sounds Of NatureTexture To better integrate the stem of the tree, which was made ​​from pieces of different photos, I applied a moss texture with the blending mode set to Soft Light and erased some parts while painting on the layer mask with dirt brushes.

Lighting To add shadow to the elements I made ​​a new layer with the blending mode set to How I Made: Sounds Of NatureMultiply and a Fill of 75%. Using the normal brush with Opacity at around 20% I drew the shadows and applied a Curves adjustment to edit the lighting.

How I Made: Sounds Of NatureMood To create the mood of the image I used a Hue/Saturation layer set to -25 to take some of the general colour. Next I applied the green Photo filter at 30% and a Color Balance layer at +45, -10, -10 to adjust the colours as I wanted. Finally I added the black/white effect with the blending mode set to Soft Light and 40% Opacity.