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How I Made: Promises

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General, by Rebecca Greig

We talk to art collective member Przemek Nawrocki to uncover how his exhibition Piece was formed

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Przemek Nawrocki is a student and artist from Poland, specialising in creating illustrations and photomanipulations. He’s also a member of two graphic societies: the international art collective Slashthree and Polish-based group Goverdose. recently, he had a change of heart in the direction he wants to take his art: “I decided to decrease the amount of stock photos I used in my works. So I started to learn 3D and digital painting.” when asked about his reasons for why that might be, he replied, “To be honest, I want to go in that direction rather than photomanipulations. it’s more demanding and satisfying for me.”

Promises was created for a Slashthree exhibition that was titled ‘war’. “The work shows a woman from another planet seeing a decaying leaf, which marks the beginning of the war. The title refers to broken promises.”

Experi1mentation In the beginning i didn’t know what i would be doing (as in most of cases!). So i decided to create some shapes to begin. i decided to use a photo of a woman and somehow connect her with these shapes.3

Eye contactBy this stage i knew that her face should look mysterious, so i changed her eyes to a very bright blue. everything had to take shape against the setting sun.

Body position i decided to add more of her body, but i wasn’t happy with the initial result because it looks like her head comes out from the sky. So i had to experiment to get the right look.

Thematic choice I decided to leave her head for a while and focus more on another part of the image. At this point I realised how I could best connect the theme (which was war) with this woman, by using a decaying leaf.


Transformations By now I wanted to make the woman seem as though she comes from another planet. I transformed her head into a tentacle and covered her with frozen leaves, unifying colour with adjustments.

Leafy work More tentacles were added, after which I could finish the bottom part of the image using the rest of the woman. Returning to the leaves: the frozen ones on the woman show something normal, while the single green leaf is something to be feared.


Change of direction I wasn’t too happy with how the tentacle on her head looked, as the perspective was slightly off. I had to adapt the image somehow, so instead I replaced it with hair.

How I Made: Promises

Controlling viewpoint I cleaned the image of any unnecessary details that took attention away from the main subject. Sometimes excess details are just unnecessary. In addition, the colour palette was changed toa more calm tone.