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Hi-res wood textures

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Learn to shoot your own

High-resolution wood textures are readily available online. However, you may not want to purchase the rights to use these in commercial works.

In that case, you’ll want to take your own photos. Here we show you how.

We explore ways to set up and shoot in the studio and outdoors. You’ll also discover which cameras to use to capture the perfect megapixel image and the settings to shoot with for the clearest clarity for first-class results.

Capture perfect outdoor textures

Use the right camera

A camera that supplies a minimum of 24MP in size, whether shooting inside or out, will provide the best-quality texture shots.

This means you can edit and retouch considerably before sizing your image down. Cameras such as the Nikon D600 and Sony a99 are exemplary choices as these also include full-frame sensors.

Hi-res wood textures

External lighting

When shooting your wood textures, first avoid having hard shadows fall across your subject. Also shoot in soft uniform (neutral) light, on an overcast day, not a bright sunny day.

This will not just limit the affects of shadows, but also surface light reflection.

Hi-res wood textures

Camera shoot settings

Shoot in RAW format with Auto White Balance activated, setting the ISO between 100 and 400 for better light quality.

Use a smaller aperture setting with a higher f-stop number, like f11 or f16, to ensure a good depth of field.

Hi-res wood textures


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