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Hi-res wood textures part 2

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General, by Adam Smith

In our previous blog we showed how to shoot hi-res wood textures outdoors

In our previous blog we showed how to shoot hi-res wood textures outdoors.

Now we’ll show you how to take the perfect snap in your studio or home setup, through a useful set of tips.

Here, you’ll discover which settings to shoot with for the best clarity and other important factors that leave you with first-class results.

We’ll also show you how to fix your textures photos in Photoshop, using the RAW options and the Adaptive Wide Angle option in CS6.

Shoot textures in the studio

Tip 1: One light can be sufficient enough, but keep this near the camera and shoot head-on

Tip2: Introduce a second light near the camera position if you must. Still light the texture head-on

Tip3: Use a tripod to shoot perpendicularly, avoiding lens distortion

Tip4:  A low ISO and smaller aperture may cause a slow shutter speed. A tripod will solve any issues

Hi-res wood textures part 2

Fix hi-res wood textures in Photoshop

Work with RAW

Following the previous shoot settings will let you easily adjust colour and contrast. When inside the RAW interface (now standard with Photoshop CS6), edit the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows and Clarity sliders to define clearer contour and stronger detail.

Hi-res wood textures part 2

Quick retouch

For those who fail to shoot in RAW, Photoshop can still solve your post-production needs. Lighting and exposure can be easily manipulated using Levels, or more intuitively with the Shadow/Highlights options. Wield the Selective Color adjustment to make intuitive tonal changes. Sharpen filters also help.

Hi-res wood textures part 2

Fix skewed angles

We recommend that you shoot perpendicular, but no one’s fool-proof. If you do recognise curved distortions, don’t despair, you can simply fix this with CS6’s Adaptive Wide Angle option. Apply the Constraint tool to visible image curves, then edit further using control points and sliders to straighten your photo.

Hi-res wood textures part 2

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  • Thanks for this, just spent a few hours shooting wood for a website background!