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Fotolia presents a free PSD by Alberto Seveso

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Fotolia’s TEN Collection Season 2 invites you to download a PSD from 10am tomorrow, free for 24 hours only

Alberto Seveso is the next artist in Season 2 of the Fotolia TEN Collection to be revealed, with a free PSD available to download for 24 hours tomorrow.

The TEN Collection brings 10 Photoshop artists together over the course of 10 months, to show their working methods and an exclusive behind-the-scenes of one of their best works of art.

Head to TenbyFotolia for the free PSD on the 10th October 2013.

Fotolia presents a free PSD by Alberto Seveso

A captivating portrait

In working for the TEN Collection, Alberto Seveso remained true to his art and style. The Italian artist first chose a bust portrait of a beautiful woman from Fotolia’s collection, in order “to emphasize the depth”, and watercolor textures “to keep a natural tone”, mixed with vector shapes. He blends a variety of techniques, which give this work smoothness, sensuality and a certain melancholy. The watcher feels spellbound, unable to take his/her eyes away from this “perfect stranger” and the mosaic of elements and colours composing her.

Deconstructing to reconstruct

To achieve this result, the Italian artist doesn’t leave anything to chance. “Technique isn’t the most important. The key is to place your elements right when you’re composing the image, and to focus particularly on the eyes and mouth areas, which are the cradles of feelings.”

Texture, curves, shapes, light, etc. Everything is harmoniously thought through for a natural finish. “Once the different parts of my work are assembled, I focus on shadow and light. I don’t like color saturation, so I try to preserve pure shades. For the hair, I use a personal technique: the Wireframe shapes and their distorted result, to convey a natural movement.”