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Fotolia acquires crowdsourcing design community

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General, by Julie Bassett

Leading online stock photography agency purchases the pioneer in crowdsourced design,

Fotolia, the royalty-free stock library, has unveiled that it has acquired crowdsourcing design site The site offers design briefs from companies looking for logo designs, brochures and web ads, with a prize for the winning design. Designers can register to enter the contests and submit their best designs for the many briefs on offer.

Press release:

New York/London – March 15, 2012Fotolia announces the acquisition of, a leading crowdsourcing design community. Since its inception in 2006, Wilogo has been connecting businesses and designers from all over the world. is available in 4 languages, and has produced hundreds of thousands of logos for its clients. Wilogo’s community also has designers with skills in print, web, and packaging design, fulfilling businesses with the entire range of their marketing and communications needs.

Citing similarities in corporate mantras, Fotolia CEO Oleg Tscheltzoff expressed optimism towards future prospects of the two companies working together. “Both Fotolia and Wilogo are pioneers in the democratization of graphic design on the Internet. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of photographers sell images at affordable prices to millions of business owners and graphic designers. Wilogo goes a step further by helping business owners launch their businesses with the look of an amazing brand on a bootstrap budget.”

For a fee of just £295, Wilogo clients post their design specifications to thousands of designers. Just days later, hundreds of custom designed logos are shown. After selecting the top choices, final logos are modified and presented with complete international usage rights. Wilogo’s service is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

“Response from our customers, as well as our design community has been amazing. We’ve served clients as big as L’Oréal and Danone, as well as Internet startups like Seesmic”, says Wilogo CEO Jérôme Bazin. “They’re constantly telling us that we have the best solution for their branding needs.”

Fotolia acquires crowdsourcing design community

  • Graphic Designer

    I think this is a bad move, most serious designers do not participate on sites like “wilogo”, they under mind the profession. Can you imagine if anyone else had to acquire work in such a manner. Please do at least half the work for free, and I might pay you… Really. And for a logo your work is at least half coming up with a solid concept and research. If not you’re doing it wrong.

    I will not be buying anymore images from Fotolia, as well I will not be renewing my subscription to advanced photoshop since your magazine has lately been endorsing many companies that are just plain bad for designers. I think I’ll be getting a copy of HOW instead, since they seem to cater more to professionals and less to hobbyist. Thanks for all the great tutorials though.