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Top 10 tips for perfect printing

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Find out how you can polish your print preparation to deliver consistently brilliant and technically sound artwork

In an increasingly competitive print industry, delivering consistently brilliant and technically sound artwork is a must to stay in the game

1 Make the personal professional

Top 10 tips for perfect printing
Follow these tips for best results

Personal projects are often the training ground for refining techniques before executing them on a client project. Digital artist Ben Thomas ( advises treating each equally. “When it comes to sending jobs off to print, whether they are for personal projects or client projects, I go through everything with a fine-tooth comb regardless. Everything is tackled meticulously.”

Taking it one step further, Thomas has created an extra source of income. By selling his prints online ( he has an added incentive to create work, learn new skills and push artistic boundaries. While having unlimited creative control can be welcome, Thomas finds that the greatest criticism comes when approaching his own ideas. “I’m probably a lot harsher on myself,” he says. “I can be my own worst enemy.” Whatever the reason for indulging in your own work, the resounding rule is to take it seriously and make the time. “In exactly the same way I book client commissions, I schedule in time to work on ideas I have every month,” he adds.

Admitting that this is not always possible during busy periods, Thomas still believes that making time for your own work will lead to better results for commissioned projects, as you can approach them with a fresh mind. “The key to staying on the ball is having a good balance in your projects,” he says.

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