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Feature preview: Explore the world of Videogame art

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General, by Adam Smith

We discuss the industry, the latest tools and technology being used to create stunning effects with our own group of professional artists

Many concept artists are understandably enticed by the videogames industry, where ideation is the name of the game as professionals get to design the look of weapons, characters and even entire worlds.

However, this industry works at a faster pace than any other, so be ready to keep up. Not only does a videogame concept artist have to adapt to demands from art directors, they also have to continuously acclimatise to new digital technologies and creative tools. The development of your work demands an almost undying devotion, knocking out weaknesses on a daily basis.

Here we discuss the enthusiasm for this type of work with our own group of professionals, explore avenues into the industry and find out what is expected of creatives operating inside it. We’ll also look at ways you can adapt to working in a team and the latest techniques that enable artists to create the awesome work we have on show. So read on, be inspired and discover what it takes to become a videogame concept artist.

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Feature preview: Explore the world of Videogame art