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Feature preview: 20 ways to work faster in Photoshop

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We share the essential tips that you need to know to help speed up your workflow, as well as pick the brains of top digital artists to unveil their personal secrets when it comes to completing tasks quickly

Feature preview: 20 ways to work faster in Photoshop

Phil Dunne

“When I complete the original hand-drawn typography drawing in pen and paper, it might look fine. However, when it comes to adding colours and tones in Photoshop, I might need to separate each letter on a single layer so I can adjust the legibility and breathing space between the typography and the illustration. Also, by separating the typography into a single layer, I can add effects and experiment with levels and colours.”

Edmond Yang

“If you are using Photoshop CC for web, app or screen design, this feature is a huge timesaver. Activate it from File>Generator>Image Assets. Now you can name your layer or layer groups you want to export. Simply add an extension to the name of your layer, for example ‘button.png’, and it will save the file accordingly in real-time.”

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