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Feature preview: 15 tips for creating game art

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Professional game artists share the secrets of creating striking visuals from concept right through to the final product

Tyler West, an experienced concept artist, founded West Studio, which has worked with notable clients throughout the videogames world.

Feature preview: 15 tips for creating game art

This concept environment is an early visual exploration piece that West Studio created for Playdek for its game Unsung Story, a tactical RPG. For West, it is important that concept art not only looks great, but that it also does its job and helps further the rest of the production line: “The philosophy that I have always used as a designer and illustrator is to create designs that not only inspire but also inform production.

“What makes a concept artist good at his or her job is their ability to create designs. They need to not only excite those working on the project, but also inform artists who rely on those images (modellers, lighters, animators, etc). Concept art is not just about expression; it is also about fabrication.”

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