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Design in motion

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Step inside the exciting world of Motion Graphics and discover the potential of interactive design! 

Step inside the exciting world of Motion Graphics and discover the potential of interactive design! 

Design in motion

Are you a graphic designer? Feeling bogged down by designs that long to be brought to life?

Get ready to enter a vast world of visual adrenaline. Leading VFX academy, Escape Studios, have launched a new 12-week evening course in Motion Graphics – for designers looking to take their work to new creative heights. This is design in motion, taking your creativity to a more interactive space. And with an internship at CAKE up for grabs, this course is launching graduates into the industry, firing on all cylinders!

Offering hands-on training in both After Effects and Cinema 4D, the course is designed to mirror the industry. Throughout the course you’ll be asked to apply techniques to real-world example assignments. The course covers methodology, animation, showreel development and the challenges of producing original content for a range of brands, industries and platforms.

Course tutors JM Blay and Thiago Maia are seasoned Creative Directors, who have been making waves in this industry for over a decade.

With a PhD in Motion Graphics, JM Blay is a Motion Designer and Director, producing original content for clients such as Activision, Adobe, Sony, Paramount Pictures and BBC.Tiago Maia also boasts an impressive back catalogue of work as co-founder and Creative Director of CAKE, a London based creative studio. Integrating animation and design that works across every media platform, Thiago’s clients include Dave, MTV, Samsung, Adidas and Blinkbox.

Some people are happy just designing or illustrating their visuals, but for me I needed more. I wanted to see my designs moving, telling a story in a more complex way. With Motion Graphics I can express myself better on a diverse range of projects for clients.”
Thiago Maia, 2014

Don’t forget, this course also offers a unique opportunity to secure an internship at CAKE for the most promising student. There’s only one place on offer, making it a tough decision for both tutors.

Both JM Blay and Thiago are serious about their craft, and are looking for students with a proven track record in good design. This is not a course for beginners. It aims to take experienced designers and their portfolio of work to the next level.

As an artist, creative motivation comes and goes, but one thing always remains the same. To be on the cutting edge of creativity, you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone and remember what creatively speaks to you the loudest, because ultimately that’s what will drive your best work.

Ready to embark on the next stage of your career? Take a serious look at this course, your fast-track route into Motion Graphics.