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Dell Precision M6700 review

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General, by Adam Smith

Discover more about arguably the most powerful mobile workstation in the world

It’s easy to fall into the mindset that mobile hardware is technologically impeded.

A surprising number of people thinking this is a generation behind their desktop counterpart.

The Dell Precision M6700 proves once and for all that these attitudes towards mobile computing are completely outmoded.

Dell Precision M6700 review

The M6700 is directly aimed at audio and visual professionals.

Assuming you are a heavy Photoshop user, 3D animator or high-end video producer then you are Dell’s key audience.

While prices start at just £1760 / $2199 upgrade options are many and varied. These cover several ladders of Intel’s cutting-edge Core i7 range and several production-grade GPU, from both AMD and NVIDIA.

The model we are reviewing boasts a third generation Intel Core i7 3920-XM, capable of running at over 3GHz in turbo mode.

With 8GB or RAM, 750GB of storage and AMD’s FirePro M600 Mobility Pro Graphics (with 2GB of GDDR5 RAM) our model sits firmly towards the higher end of the price scale.

Other options include NVIDIA’s Quadro K5000M graphics, sated with 4GB and an upgrade path to 32GB of RAM. So there’s still plenty of room for manoeuvre on price.

Dell Precision M6700 review

Some might say that this kind of specification is a little excessive for Photoshop users. It is true that entry-level models would suit 2D work just fine, but having this extra headroom ensures a faster and far more productive workflow.

If there is one complaint that can still be levelled at mobile computing then it is limited upgrade route.

Dell has done everything in its power to ensure this isn’t true of the M6700.

Unfastening just two screws on the base of the system makes the entire undercarriage become freely available. Gone are the days where a tiny hatched allowed you to swap out little more than a stick or two of RAM.

There is ample space for upgrades on offer. Inside you’ll see a free mSATA hard drive bay, not to mention an accompanying mini-PCI Express slot. Even without removing the rear cover you can access the main hard-drive bay with ease.

Storage can be a main concern for photo editors and retouchers, with your device housing hundreds of original RAW and editing images. Luckily there are a multitude of options at your disposal.

Dell Precision M6700 review

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