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Afternoon Advanced Photoshoppers,

Afternoon Advanced Photoshoppers,

I thought I'd let you know about the Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament 2007 which kicks off on September 8th.

This cutting-edge design tournament, held in 11 cities worldwide, features eight emerging designers, competing head to head against one another, on stage in front of a live audience in quick action, high pressure 15 minute rounds, each round with a different graphic theme. Contestants are eliminated until there is a winner, who receives a Wacom Cintiq 21UX pen-based display… Sounds good eh?

The tournament will be judged by well-respected designers and influencers, such as Brent Rollins, graphic designer and member of the Ego Trip creative collective; Jeff Staple, founder and creative force of Staple Design; and Futura 2000, world-renowned street artist.

If you're interested in attending a Cut&Paste event then visit the website at for full details on locations and dates.