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Creative Cloud 2015 adds amazing new tools

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Available to update to today, Creative Cloud 2015 boasts a range of new features both under the hood and in your tools palette. Check out the latest additions to Photoshop now!

Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe is calling Creative Cloud 2015 “the next big evolution of CC” and promising a “frictionless creative process across mobile and desktop”. We got a sneak peek last week and here’s what’s in store for you when you update Photoshop today:

All of the desktop and mobile apps are being updated with either new technology or new features. Adobe has a new proprietary technology called CreativeSync. You can sync assets like brushes, photos and fonts across devices and they’ll be linked. It also makes it easier to import, export and share assets across mobile and desktop via CC Libraries, and share and collaborate with others via a browser-based interface. Assets are now imported as Smart Objects and once they’ve been changed or updated, Photoshop (or another CC app) will tell you if there’s an updated version with a little exclamation-point icon in the Layers palette and you can then update them to the edited version. Assets that have come from a CC Library now have a little cloud icon on their layer to show you that they’ve come from your CC Library and not local storage.

The Photoshop-based CC apps are coming to Android as well as iOS – Adobe Shape, Color, Brush and Photoshop Mix will all have Android versions in June. There are some new apps – Adobe Comp lets you design basic design layouts on an iPad using a set of gestures for headers and images and then carry that over to InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. This app is currently iOS only. Adobe Hue is another new one that lets you capture colour palettes for video to use in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Art Boards in Photoshop CC 2015

Photoshop is now getting Art Boards! These are primarily for web UI/UX designers and are useful if you want to line up the assorted mobile and desktop versions of sites you’re designing in one document, and update graphics  all at once (and they can be bounced in and out of Dreamweaver and worked on live via CreativeSync). There’s also a new app called Device Preview which lets you look at mobile web designs you’re working on live on your iPhone or iPad – Adobe is rolling it out as a preview and asking for your feedback on it. There’s also a new workspace for web designers called Design Space; again, this is still a preview and Adobe is actively  looking for feedback on it.

Adobe Stock via Creative Cloud 2015

Adobe Stock is being launched on 16th June. Adobe acquired Fotolia for $800 million in January and this is what they’re doing with it. You’ll now be able to search over four million stock images straight from Photoshop. There are two ways to search it: File>Search>Adobe Stock or via a fly-out on the Libraries palette. Both of these will take you to the website (, which is very clean and minimal and easy to use. You can import watermarked comps at no charge to try them out in your designs, and then when you decide to license the image any changes you’ve made to it in your composition (like masking bits out) will automatically be applied to the high-res version – assets are imported as Smart Objects by default. Once an asset is downloaded to one application you’ll be able to access it in all your other CC apps via CC Libraries.

Plus there’s a host of new tools coming to Photoshop, including De-Haze, Panoramic Content-Aware Fill, Transform on Drop and much more, including improvements to the Blur Gallery, Repair tools and adjustments on Smart Objects. Check back for more as we take an in-depth look at them here and in the magazine over the coming weeks and months.