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Create with CC apps – Adobe Sketch

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General, by Rebecca Greig

Use adobe sketch on the ipad to lay the foundations for a new painting with line art and a value study

Create with CC apps – Adobe Sketch

Adobe Sketch is deliberately simple and stripped back, clearly aiming to be as easy to use as possible, featuring a very small selection of tools including a digital Pen, Pencil and Eraser. Almost replicating the feeling of carrying a sketchpad and pen around.Create with CC apps – Adobe Sketch

While you can sketch on the iPad using your fingers it’s definitely worth investing in a decent stylus – this will dramatically increase your accuracy and general comfort.

Begin your sketch by drawing the horizon line. A low horizon tends to make your image look more dramatic as larger objects become exaggerated. Once that’s in place begin to loosely define the main areas of the image – use reference images if you get stuck.

Create with CC apps – Adobe Sketch

Now start to refine the image, using your exploratory marks to guide you through the composition. Use bold shapes, diagonal lines cutting through the landscsape will give it a dramatic feel. You should always be thinking about how the lines will guide the viewer to the focal point.

Then choose a large brush and begin sketching in the values. If you haven’t done this before, try looking at you reference image in black-and-white and work from that initially.

Once you have finished your sketch you can save it to the cloud and open it later in Photoshop.