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Create with CC apps – Adobe Shape

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General, by Rebecca Greig

Create custom vector shapes from photographs, drawings or objects using Adobe Shape

Create with CC apps – Adobe Shape

Create with CC apps – Adobe Shape

Custom shapes are one of the most powerful and under-used tools available in Adobe Photoshop. Vector images can be stretched, resized and distorted with no loss of image quality, and therefore are fantastic for adding small details or creating huge abstract forms.

Create with CC apps – Adobe Shape

Traditionally, these vector shapes would be created directly in Photoshop through a fairly complicated process involving photographs and masks. Thanks to Adobe Sketch though, it’s easy to replicate this process using just your iPhone.

When you open Adobe Shape you’ll be presented with the camera interface with a large slider and a big button. If you are taking a picture with the app you must first select whether the subject you are photographing is on a light or a dark background. Then you adjust the slider so that your subject is highlighted in green – anything in green will be incorporated into the shape.

Create with CC apps – Adobe ShapeCreate with CC apps – Adobe Shape

You can also use a picture that is saved on your camera roll – one you have taken previously or a royalty free one from the internet.

Once you have your chosen photo and have adjusted the green area, press the Take Photo button to process your new shape and give it a name.

It will then be added to your Cloud library automatically, and be accessible within Photoshop alongside your Brushes and Color Themes.

Try experimenting with your new shapes in Photoshop, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box –  a seagull brush can be stretched to create landscape shapes or mountain textures.