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‘Create the Cover’ Tutorial Preview: Work with shapes in CS6

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General, by Adam Smith

Learn to use different stock images to build a future cityscape and sci-fi inspired model.

In this tutorial, we’re going to design completely with Photoshop, we’ll discover how to illustrate a photo from simple tools and very few images. We’ll show you how to use the Pen tool and easily compose your picture.
We focus also on the preparation of the image before any illustration work.

We will discover and learn how to master the Pen tool and to organise our layers and effects. The colours will be an important part of our work, namely the grant hue and find a coherent overall atmosphere in our composition.
Finally you will discover little tricks to give depth and life to your composition and the importance of the background. We’ll show you how to highlight your figure consistent with the content and find a general atmosphere.

For this tutorial, we only need three images : the model and two texture images. You can find these two images via image banks like and Dreamstime.

It would also be interesting to use a graphics tablet to free your imagination and leave you more opportunity for illustrative techniques.

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'Create the Cover' Tutorial Preview: Work with shapes in CS6

'Create the Cover' Tutorial Preview: Work with shapes in CS6

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