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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Work with Displacement

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General, by Adam Smith

Use Photoshop layering techniques, such as combining layer masks and Smart Objects to create this brilliant image

You’ll find many different interpretations of the displacement effect online when poring
over numerous digital art portfolios.

Alberto Seveso has really championed this style and recently Adobe adopted
it to promote its software products.

Here reviews editor and Photoshop artist Adam Smith puts his own slant on this creative effect, taking inspiration from some of the contemporary work being produced.

He reveals techniques that will give you a foundation to build exciting results. Layer masks and Smart Objects are an essential part of our creative arsenal. These tools offer Photoshop users the ability to cut and customise
layer shapes at any point during the workflow.

Layer Style options also play a huge part, enabling us to produce effects that simulate depth of field.
Coloured shape layers are purposefully thrown into the mix and will be applied with the Pen Shape tool. You’ll be placing these shapes to enhance the 3D effects while simultaneously improving the realism of the final image.

These layers will have a huge aesthetic impact on the design, especially when combined with a vibrant colour scheme.
Everything is capped off with some lavish lighting effects to complete a truly exciting piece.

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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Work with Displacement