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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Liquid paint effects

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General, by Adam Smith

Discover how to manipulate paint stock and create energy using layer masks, selection and transformation tools

Paint splash effects can be used in many ways. One that’s very popular is to replace clothing by using photo stock.

That’s what we set out to achieve here, showing how we create our own photomanipulation of a model with paint splash fashion. Once finished, we’ll have created enough depth and movement to make our effects look realistic.

The Pen tool will be essential for selecting and cutting out our model. We’ll reveal how to retouch and mask her out, replacing her dress with paint alone. We also explain how the Transform tools can be used to directly paint layers and fit them in place.

Isolating and changing the colour and appearance of our paint stock layers will be easy when we start using the colour adjustment tools and further masking techniques. We use these so that our layers fit seamlessly together in our composition.

We will also tackle different blend modes and show how these react with our image to create specific lighting effects. All in all, this is a fun tutorial that we can get very creative with.

It does offer more than just entertainment, though, because we’ll discover core techniques that can then be easily applied to any future photomanipulation projects.

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Create-the-cover tutorial preview: Liquid paint effects