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Correct colour with Curves

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Target and drive image colour using this retouch technique

Target existing colour

Begin by opening two separate documents, one the image you wish to target, the other filled with the colour you wish to apply. Next, target the image area you want to swap colours in. Use a range of tools to achieve this, including Channels, Color Range or simple Path selections.

Correct colour with Curves

Apply Curves

With your image file active, open a Curves adjustment layer, double-clicking the Midtones Color Picker from the options. Apply this Color Picker to your colour-filled document. Click OK and you’ll be asked whether to save the new target colour as default – select No.

Correct colour with Curves

Final edits

Apply your Midtones Color Picker to your selection in your photo image. You’ll see an instant shift in colour, but you may have to click around to find a perfect look. You can also edit your curves to perfect edits further, as well as apply a low-opacity soft black brush to your attached layer mask.

Correct colour with Curves

  • Nice but, Correct colour with Curves should not be the title. Altering/enhancing color is more like it.

  • Adam Smith

    Correct as in ‘to correct something’ , just to clarify 🙂