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Canon Pixma Pro-100 review

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General, by Adam Smith

In a world where gadgetry rules, operation has become just one more thing to tick off in our already crammed workflows

Canon Pixma Pro-100 review

In a world where gadgetry rules, operation has become just one more thing to tick off in our already crammed workflows.

This isn’t the case with Canon’s PIXMA Pro-100. As a print solution, it’s as simple as it could possibly get, giving you one less thing to worry about.

This plug-and-print device personifies its straightforward functionality with its sleek exterior and the minimalist design will appeal to styleminded consumers. Yet this doesn’t make the PIXMA Pro-100 an outmoded machine. Quite the opposite.

Hidden inside is a range of advanced functional features, such as the eight-cartridge system. The one black and two-greys deter shadow saturation to produce superb black-and-white prints.

Canon has also improved tonal presentation by including lab-quality print heads with this device. These apply micro ink droplets for precise details and smooth gradients.

By using micro ink droplets, the printer’s laying of ink is more controlled and so print head cleaning becomes minimal when swapping between paper types.

This makes the PIXMA Pro-100 a very low-maintenance device, which is great for those working in busy photo or print studio environments.

Professional users will also appreciate how the picture is matched with performance; an A4 full colour, full bleed print at the highest quality takes a little under a minute to print. Moreover, ink drying times were almost instant, even when printing heavy areas of black to A3 sizes on glossy paper types, not to mention the machine’s 4800dpi print resolution.

At a recommended retail price of £469, the PIXMA Pro-100 will no doubt become value for money – if you have that sort of funding to spare, that is. Its simplicity of use, discreet size and fast production times mean that you will soon make your money back while producing commercial quality prints every time.

Killer Features


The PIXMA Pro-100 is small for an A3 printer and folds into a compact design. However, this may lure you into thinking it’s weightless, which it isn’t.

It’s packed with advanced technology, and fairly heavy. Make sure you’re happy with where you put it – you won’t want to keep repositioning it.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 review


When we spoke with Canon experts during our tests, they assured us that the print life of this device has never been better.

When used with Canon’s ChromaLife 100+ inks and papers, the PIXMA Pro-100 prints are guaranteed a 50-year shelf life, so your holiday snaps won’t fade anytime soon.

Less noise

A smaller build size is also coupled with well-oiled loading and printing mechanisms. This means that you won’t hear any jarring noises as the PIXMA
Pro-100 churns through your pages.

It simply goes about its business quietly, making it the ideal print solution for a serene and focused workplace.


Printing over Wi-Fi is simple with this printer. You can download the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app from iTunes in order to get remote access to the printer from an iOS device.

Set the paper size and media type, and then press print on your touch screen – the PIXMA Pro-100 kicks into gear instantly.

Canon Pixma Pro-100 review