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All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak

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General, by Adam Smith

Take an early look at what’s inside!

All About Space magazine only launched a month ago but already you guys are lapping up the fantastic cosmic content!

You can rest assured that the production team are not taking it easy just yet.

Their second issue, on sale at all good newsagents, the Imagine Shop and Great Digital Mags from 26 July, is packed full of even more brilliant articles and features.

This month All About Space is focusing on NASA’s next mission to Mars, the Curiosity rover, and you’ll find a whole host of other articles inside.

These include 20 amazing facts about the universe, an interview with the first ever Space Shuttle pilot, a tour of our Local Group of galaxies, an in-depth look at volcanoes on Io, the All About guide to Mercury and much, much more.

Check out a preview of just a few of the fantastic features in issue 2 of All About Space below:

Exploring Mars

Discover how NASA’s greatest robotic mission, the Mars Science Laboratory (AKA the Curiosity rover) will hunt for life on Mars in its mission on the Red Planet.

All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak

20 amazing facts about the universe

These awe-inspiring facts, complete with creative illustrations and infographics, will blow your mind.

All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak

All About Mercury

Find out what makes the smallest and closest planet to the Sun so incredible.

All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak

10 spacecraft that changed the world

From the pioneers of the past to modern marvels, we take a look at the ten most amazing spacecraft.

All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak


This month in our stargazing section we kick off with a Genius Guide to star charts before showing you what’s in the night sky in July and August.

All About Space Issue 2 sneak peak