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Advanced Photoshop 78 on sale now

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, by Julie Bassett

The latest issue of Advanced Photoshop magazine is on sale now

Advanced Photoshop 78 cover

In this month’s issue…

  • Fantasy painting – Pro artist Bente Schlick unveils the secrets behind her stunning fantasy style
  • Collaborative art – Our in-depth feature looks behind the scenes at how four collaborative artworks came together
  • Expert blending skills – We create a commercial-standard car-based photomanipulation with striking lighting effects
  • Shop for stock – Find out the best places on the internet for finding top-quality stock resources

Fantasy painting

Advanced Photoshop 78 on sale nowThis tutorial will take us through the creation of Poesie. It will reveal how to combine digital and traditional techniques, producing unique effects which help to give the painting a special character, stepping back from the overly polished look often associated with digital art.

We will also learn about background and figure painting in general and the possibilities to give a painting a more personal touch with custom brushes. Moreover, this Workshop illustrates how to combine magical elements in a contemporary environment without letting a single item distract from the overall composition.

Inspiration came from studying the landscape paintings of the old Masters and, in general, from the urge to try something ‘different’. To follow this tutorial, we recommend you scan in some unused paper textures prior to starting (see the boxout on page 52 for guidance).

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Collaborative art

Advanced Photoshop 78 on sale nowCollaborations, whether created for personal pleasure or mainstream audiences, seem to be getting the best out of everyone involved. Here we discuss what to expect when working on such extensive project workflows, the best ways to approach peers and the main reasons why to work with others, plus the best places to source projects and how to decide who you will best work with.

Project: Future Locations

Supplied as part of the EvokeOne ( ‘Age’ exhibition, this design was a long-time coming for White and Merrill – aka arklo and dshPls, respectively. White has always been a fan of Merrill’s thriving yet functional abstract methods, using similar styles himself. Being in the same online art group was a key catalyst and ongoing talks of collaborative work soon turned to action.

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Expert blending skills

Advanced Photoshop 78 on sale nowEveryone loves lighting effects and, in this step-by-step, you will discover a variety of cool and contemporary
styles, and learn precisely how you can recreate these through relatively simple Photoshop toolsets. We apply these to photoedited landscapes in order to create a scene with energetic depth of field (DOF).

This tutorial will reveal how to successfully merge various photostock to form our exciting example, through selection and masking functionality. The focal point to build all elements around will be the car stock, which lends itself to an active composition.

A variety of light effects, sparkle and magic are applied to ensure synergy and to maximise aesthetic appeal, using a range of Outer Glow and Gradient Overlay settings. You’ll also discover how to apply blending modes to make the most of super-bright colours, as well as realistically integrate stock – resulting in more lifelike visuals. Selection tools that get the most out of shape and form are also explored, as is how to intuitively apply colour adjustments and light exposures so you can achieve a more striking end result. On top of all this, you’ll find tips on getting the best out of your stock imagery and creating

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Shop for stock

Advanced Photoshop 78 on sale nowAs much as Photoshoppers like to think they have all the tools and assets at their fingertips when it comes to creating a stunning piece of digital art, there is always
something new or more exciting available to take your work to the next level. Whether it’s fonts, textures, imagery, vectors or Photoshop brushes there is a huge variety of collections to be found online, some for a fee and others completely free of charge.

As with most things in life the quality and quantity of these products can vary drastically and it can be a hard job knowing where to begin. In this helpful one-off feature we will dissect and explain exactly where artists can go to locate the resources they require. What’s more, don’t forget that Advanced Photoshop’s very own website stocks a wide array of useful resources too; just log on to to find out more.

(Read more in issue 78 of Advanced Photoshop magazine…)