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Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale!

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The wait is over! Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale, revealing some of the industry’s top secrets and techniques behind creating some amazing artwork – don’t miss out on your copy available today

Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale!

Learn the secrets behind professional composites like this one

Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale!

Dynamic motion techniques revealed

Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale!

Interview: The art of digital illustration

Advanced Photoshop 119 is now on sale!

Also inside…
– Also inside…
– Pro panel: Our contributors share Photoshop secrets
– Portfolio interview: Fascinating creations
– Project focus: The path to persuasive advertising
– Special portfolio interview: Cross media design
– How I made: The Secrets of Snakes Part 2
– Workshop: Dynamic motion
– How I made: Adversus
– How I made: Get Closer
– Reader interview: Digital illustration
– Resource project: Shooting smoke
– Review: Perfect Photo Suite 8.1
– Review: SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro5
– On the disc: Taylor-made creative content

Free with this issue…
Advanced Photoshop also comes with a free resource disc: Advanced creative collection

– Exclusive video tutorial on compositing 3D renders
– Bonus video on how to avoid common Photoshop mistakes
– Premium fonts worth $67
– Layer styles, stock photos, watercolour washes and ink stroke brushes
– Essential Light Effects Volume 2
– Light Leak Photoshop Actions
– Project files for this issue’s tutorials

Advanced Photoshop 119 is on sale now at and for digital devices.

  • Ste

    I’ve purchased three copies of your magazine so far, each time as I wanted to have a go at your cover tutorial, which is always advertised “Create this Cover! All required files on cover disc” or words to that effect. First two times, most of the images required are only available to download at cost from a stock photo site, third time, the tutorial section on disc either isn’t working at all, or has been missed off entirely as all I get is an error message, and when I ‘explore’ the disc it clearly isn’t there. Really trying hard not to believe your magazine is a con, but it is getting harder. At six quid a pop, you really should try harder.

  • Anna-lisa Saywell

    Hi there, we do take into account everyone’s feedback, and in relation to the stock photo sites – we unfortunately have very strict copyright and redistribution issues that we have to adhere to, so we cannot always give readers the exact images for free. We do try to produce our own assets where possible for distribution on the disc, but this isn’t always possible.

    Can you confirm which issues these were? And which disc you were having trouble with?

    Thank you

  • Chris Eschenfelder