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Advanced Photoshop 111 is now on sale!

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General, by Adam Smith

Grab your copy now and discover lighting secrets, cyborg effects and more about the new Photoshop CC.

For many, the launch of Adobe Photoshop CC and the changes to a subscription-only model have raised a lot of questions.

That’s why we have dedicated over 20 pages to an expert guide – not only on Photoshop CC and it’s sparkling new features, but what the industry think about the changes.

Elsewhere, more tips from the pros are available in our lighting secrets feature and learn to create a cyborg or paint a city scene in one of the many tutorials on offer.

4 Main Features

Photoshop CC
– Exclusive Adobe interview, expert guide to Creative Cloud updates

10 lighting secrets
– Create balanced, believable graphics and manipulations following these tips from industry pros

Create a cyborg
– Build a sci-fi image using photo editing and digital painting tools

Paint a city scene
– Combine high-res stock images with matte painting tecniques

– Also inside…

– Pro Panel: Our contributors share Photoshop secrets
– Industry news: The latest information from the creative world
– Portfolio interview: Fantasy & alien environments
– Project focus: Creating a cohesive image
– Studio interview: INK Studio
– Retouching in Photoshop CC
– How I made: Dead Astronauts
– How I made: Epiphany
– Create plush UI elements
– Sci-fi matte painting
– Reader interview: The importance of composition
– Resource project: Produce screen print artwork
– Review: From shoot to Photoshop at lightning speed
– Review: Samsung NX300

– Free with this issue…

Advanced Photoshop comes with a free resource disc: Advanced creative collection

– 3 exclusive video tutorials
– 50 grunge Photoshop brushes
– 20 skin retouching Actions
– Qlaire Monotype font
– 15 stamped metal textures worth $9.99
– Project files for the issue’s tutorials
– Exclusive wallpapers for mobile and desktop and more

Pick up your copy from the imagineshop now! You can also purchase Advanced Photoshop 111 in digital format from the

Advanced Photoshop 111 is now on sale!

Advanced Photoshop 111 is now on sale!

Advanced Photoshop 111 is now on sale!

  • Jerry Voelker

    Where is the file for Kirk Nelson’s Retouching in Photoshop CC tutorial? The file (DSC_5385.NEF) is not on the disc. Given that I purchased the magazine in the US and paid $16 for it, I am not too happy that the files specified are not included.