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Adobe hosts UK Creative Week

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Adobe celebrate UK creativity with industry experts, Adobe evangelists and the creative community

Adobe is to host the UK’s first Creative Week: 9th – 13th July 2012

Adobe hosts UK Creative Week

It’s just over a month now until Creative Week starts. The event, will be a celebration of the creativity in the UK, packed full of lively debates, creative challenges, exclusive demonstrations and inspirational case studies – all broadcast live online.

Every day will focus on a different theme and involve many different members of the creative community; these include Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine, Paul Trani, Julieanne Kost.

Here is a daily breakdown of what you can expect:

Monday 9th July – Creative Industry Overview

Adobe starts off with the ‘big picture’. Is our creative industry in good health? Is the talent pool growing or shrinking? What are the strategies needed to ensure the industry prospers in the future? The details can wait; today’s sessions will look to the horizon.

Tuesday 10th July – Design & Publishing

The design and publishing industry is going through a huge period of change, driven by the explosion in digital publishing and accelerated by the surge in popularity of tablet and mobile devices. The sessions will consider both the opportunities and threats this revolution brings to a centuries-old industry.

Wednesday 11th July – Film & Video

As budgets for both national broadcasting and cinematography have contracted, there’s pressure for programmes and movies to deliver more for less. Wednesday’s sessions will look at whether this is leading to lower standards or driving the industry forward with renewed creativity.

Thursday 12th July – Web & Mobile

The question of specialism within the digital media industry is more relevant now than ever before. As an industry, how can workers future-proof their careers, by understanding multiple web and mobile technologies? Sessions today will look at how innovations in web and mobile are disrupting the industry and creating demand for new skills and multi-specialist workers.

Friday 13th July – Photography & Imaging

Has digital technology ‘dumbed down’ the photography industry or is it in fact opening new doors for creativity and artistic expression? Is traditional photography king or is digital claiming the crown? This and other key issues in the world of photography and digital imaging will be driving the discussion on the closing day of Creative Week.

For more details on the event and to sign up for updates, visit the Creative Week website at