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Adobe Photoshop Touch for smartphones

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We discuss the relevance of this app for Photoshop users with Adobe

Last year, Adobe launched Photoshop Touch for both the iPad and Android tablets, making it one of the only imaging editing apps available on both platforms.

It became hugely popular in a short time. With the space of 12 months, people have spent a combined 379 years editing images using Photoshop Touch.

One year on,  more and more people are using their mobile phones to take photos and they want the same Photoshop magic they get on their tablets.

So, in reply to this demand Adobe has just launched its latest version of Photoshop Touch for both the iPhone and Android smartphones.

This is said to offer Photoshop fans the chance to be super creative with their photos, even when they don’t have their tablet with them.

We questioned Principle Solutions Consultant for Digital Imaging, Richard Curtis and got his thoughts on why Photoshop artists will in fact take to this new Adobe app.

Q & A with Richard Curtis, Principle Solutions Consultant for Digital Imaging

Adobe Photoshop Touch for smartphonesWhat were the reasons behind bringing Touch to smartphone?

“Photoshop Touch has been incredibly successful on tablet devices since it was launched. Smartphone growth over the past few years has been phenomenal and we wanted to make Photoshop even more accessible to more image makers. Adobe is leading the way with image editing on these devices, and tying them all together with Creative Cloud.”

Which core features have been transferred from the desktop version of the software?

“All features are important to the editing experience, however if I had to pick a few, then the core Photoshop ideas that really make a difference are the selection tools (including Refine Edge), the effect filters, layers and blending modes.”

Why do the features chosen work so well with smartphone?

“The core architecture and design of Photoshop Touch has the ability to use the smartphone’s resources with great efficiency, but balance against battery life. Also, the user experience has been carefully designed by the design team, making sure that Photoshop Touch takes advantage of available screen real estate at all times.”

How does this version of touch enrich a smartphone editor’s experience?

“The Photoshop Touch interface has been carefully designed and offers an intuitive experience for the editing process. Not only does Photoshop Touch have amazing tools, it is also carefully thought through and integrates seamlessly into the camera roll, actual camera and Adobe Creative Cloud for content.”

Some might think that smartphone photo editing is limited? How would you argue against this?

“There are some real limitations to the processing power of today’s smartphones, but there are also completely new workflows. Features such as Scribble Selection and Lens Flares use touch interactions in a completely new way. Other features such as Camera Fill have opened up completely new creative possibilities.”

Are there any variations between IOS and Android versions?

“Both versions of Photoshop Touch operate in the same way, but they leverage the native controls for importing, exporting and sharing images. Also, Photoshop Touch has been optimised to use certain pressure-sensitive stylus on certain devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note.”

Adobe Photoshop Touch for smartphones

Adobe Photoshop Touch for smartphones


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