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Tutorial preview: Paint a Sci-Fi scene

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General, by Adam Smith

Add colour and detail to a sketch using the tools in Photoshop CS6

In this tutorial we will create a feeling of distance, space and atmosphere in the background and focus on a central, detailed subject.

This will be firmly planted into the foreground with the use of shadow, texture and an assortment of overall image adjustments. For this work we will be using Photoshop CS6 Extended for its diverse array of tools, adjustments and brushes.

Initially we will apply the colours in block form, fading the shades, using lighter tones for distant objects and more saturated colours for our quadruped in the foreground. Then, using the default Erodible Tip brushes, some free brush packs and some photographic textures (that you will need to source yourself), we will improve the realism and detail of our quadruped and its surroundings.

Next we will make use of the latest Gradient Maps, which like the Erodible Tip brushes come with CS6 to improve the mood and overall temperature of the scene, which is hot, dry and dusty.

We’ll Finish off with a spree of fine detailing, adding wires, flowers and highlights. This attention to detail is a key aspect of our painting, adding realism and immersion.

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Tutorial preview: Paint a Sci-Fi scene

  • jeannine

    Seen this painting before,it is one of my faves so far by Callum Lewis, looking forward to getting an insight into how it was created, thanks