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TEN Collection Season 2 finale with French artist duo Yoann Madec and Solene Renaudin

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News, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Discover the creation of French artists Yoann Madec and Solene Renaudin, and download the files for free

The second season of Fotolia’s TEN Collection is now drawing to a close, with a finale in which French artist duo Yoann Madec and Solene Renaudin, better known under their pseudonyms Düne and Sosoa, will culminate the project with their artwork Unfinished Sympathy, inspired by the birth of their first child. Tomorrow will mark the start of a 24-hour period in which anyone who visits the TEN Website may not only discover the French artists’ creation, but also download the PSD and Ai files from the work for free.

Sosoa describes their work: “Obviously, the idea wasn’t to talk about us specifically, but rather about the feelings that arise inside all future parents when opening this new life chapter: doubt, excitement, love, but also fear. Our artwork represents our very own feelings during pregnancy. The left hand, ‘Unfinished’, symbolises the material side we all have inside. This attraction to possession, greed and appearance, which gives us this perpetual feeling of incompleteness. While the right hand, ‘Sympathy’, rather embodies a form of spirituality which would rather wait to receive, than to take.”

The PSD and Ai files can be downloaded from the TEN Website free for 24 hours on Tuesday 10 December from 10am.  Here’s a little teaser video to give you a taste of what to expect.