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Become a master at landscape, portraits, macro and more with The Complete Photography Book

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News, by Julie Bassett

New eBook to be the ultimate guide for photographers

Imagine Publishing has launched the digital publication The Complete Photography Book, an accessible and in-depth guide to mastering your shots. Available now on Amazon’s Kindle Store, it’s an essential look at how to take creative control of your camera, including expert tips on a variety of areas from landscapes to action. The Complete Photography Book is the ultimate resource for photographers.

“This is a really fantastic product that will be a great help for photographers of all levels,” said Editor in Chief Debbi Allen. “Packed full of useful tips and suggestions from the pros, it will help readers make more confident and creative decisions in their photography.”

Comprehensive, accessible and stylish, Imagine’s Book series provides readers with expert advice on a range of cutting-edge consumer products. Offering a complete advisory service for enthusiasts with a wide range of experience, Imagine’s acclaimed Book series is the indisposable solution for anyone who wants to get more from their new passion. Simply, Imagine’s Book series is the ultimate consumer companion

The Complete Photography Book is available from online retailer Amazon (http://amzn.to/lwt9bZ) priced at just £5.81.

For more in the series, as well as other great books, visit www.imaginebookshop.co.uk.