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WOW! World of Animals is on sale now!

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General, by Anna-lisa Saywell

Go wild for World of Animals magazine

Advanced Photoshop’s sister title World of Animals is on sale now! The first issue includes an in-depth look into the world of gorillas, an exposé of 50 animals dangerously close to extinction and what can be done to save them, plus a bite-by-bite account of how great white sharks hunt down their prey. You can subscribe today from just £3.

The exciting new addition takes you into the heart of our world’s wildlife, including captivating stories, heart-stopping photography and detailed illustrations. World of Animals is the only magazine to offer a visually engaging and accessible exploration of this widely loved subject.

This groundbreaking magazine launches alongside digital editions for iOS and Android available from greatdigitalmags.com and is accompanied by a brand-new companion website: animalanswers.co.uk. Be sure to connect on Twitter @WorldAnimalsMag and Facebook at facebook.com/worldofanimalsmag and let them know what you’d love to see in forthcoming issues of World of Animals.

  • A remarkable journal with information and offers related to animals, issues of concern.